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Ibagué: authorities reveal causes of death of minor and his uncle – Other Cities – Colombia

During the night of this Thursday, February 9, the authorities revealed new details of the death of Ricardo Olaya, 22, and his niece Viviana Olaya, 9, who had been reported missing on Wednesday morning.

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According to the information provided by the family, the girl and her uncle left their home, located in the Atolsure garden neighborhood, on Wednesday morning without notifying where they were going.

Colonel Carlos Germán Oviedo, commander of the Ibagué Metropolitan Police, told EL TIEMPO that the lifeless bodies had been located in the San Pedro Alejandrino neighborhood, along with that of another man who has not been identified. The House would have been rented by the father of this third personabout 30 years old.

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On the night of this Thursday, the authorities finished the inspection of the house where the bodies were found and it was determined that both the minor and her uncle had injuries with a knife.

Colonel Carlos Germán Oviedo revealed that “the lifeless body of the nine-year-old minor has been found, who Has a stab wound. The minor’s uncle also had injuries with a sharp weapon.”

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The third person, whose identity has not been revealed, “apparently ingested a poison”, which would have caused his death.

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