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Freedom of the son of ‘La Gata’ continues to cause controversy • La Nación

The freedom of Jorge Luis Alfonso López, son of ‘La Gata’ continues to cause controversy. While the National Government denied that he requested his freedom to be a spokesman for peace, the judge released a document that would prove that he notified the Government about the eventual freedom of the son of ‘La Gata’.

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The freedom granted to Jorge Luis Alfonso López, son of the condemned businesswoman Enilce López, sparked criticism of the National Government for its intention that he be a peace facilitator. To the point that Danilo Rueda, High Commissioner for Peace, had to cancel his role, according to him, because his work was in danger.

In fact, the attorney general, Francisco Barbosa, confirmed that a criminal investigation was launched against the judge who released Alfonso López for the crime of malfeasance by action. On his side, Judge Orlando José Petro Vanderbilt, who released him, stated that he informed Rueda that the restrictive measures against him would be lifted.

López, also known as the ‘Gatico’ and who was mayor of Magangué (Bolívar), was at home in prison paying a sentence of 29 years in detention for the crime of journalist Rafael Enrique Prins perpetrated by paramilitaries in 2005. case continues to cause controversy and even prosecutor Barbosa pointed out that “Total peace cannot be a tricky peace or with its back to the country.” He also criticized that in the norm that the Government drew up to appoint him as a peace facilitator, it does not say who the released person represents, nor to which criminal group he belongs.

Commissioner Rueda was questioned about these criticisms by journalist Daniel Coronell, who in his report for W Radio asked him the reasons why they included Alfonso López as a peace facilitator. Rueda explained that the “Gatico” was wanted to be a link to explore the desire for peace of a criminal group to dismantle it. However, he did not specify which criminal gang he was referring to.

“We tried, through him, a reference bridge to a criminal group,” detailed. And he clarified that peace managers continue to be subjected to ongoing judicial processes or to the sentences to which they were sentenced. In this sense, Rueda said, peace facilitators who act against the law or who do not deliver results promptly will automatically be suspended from their roles.

In fact, the Investigative Unit of El Tiempo inquired where the son of the “Gata” is. From the Inpec they reported that from the moment the release ticket was issued, the custody of the convicted person ceased to be within their jurisdiction: “We do not know where he is.”

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