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Antioquia: in 91 municipalities the carrying of firearms is suspended – Medellín – Colombia

Carrying a firearm was prohibited in 91 municipalities of Antioquia, so there is safe conduct for this.

This was stipulated in a resolution issued by the Fourth Brigade of the National Army, which has jurisdiction in these municipalities.

The administrative act of general suspension of Firearms came into force on February 9 and will go until December 31, 2023, the entity reported.

Of the 125 municipalities of Antioquia, 91 are in the jurisdiction of the Fourth Brigade and covers the subregions of the North, East, West, Southwest and the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Aburrá Valley.

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Those who currently have a special permit, it will be valid until next February 10

The municipalities are: Abejorral, Abriaquí, Alejandría, Amagá, Andes, Angelópolis, Angostura, Anzá, Argelia, Armenia Mantequilla, Barbosa, Bello, Belmira, Betania, Betulia, Briceño, Buriticá, Caicedo, Caldas, Camp Cañasgordas, Caramanta, Concepción, Concordia, Copacabana, Donmatías, Ebéjico, El Carmen de Viboral, El Peñol, El Retiro, El Santuario, Entrerríos, Envigado, Fredonia, Frontino, Giraldo, Girardota, Gómez Plata, Granada, Guadalupe, Guarne, Guatapé, Heliconia, Hispania, Itagüí , Ituango, Garden, Jericó, La Ceja, La Estrella, La Pintada, La Unión, Liborina, Marinilla, Medellín, Montebello, Nariño, Olaya, Peque, Pueblorrico, Rionegro, Sabanalarga, Sabaneta, Salgar, San Andrés de Cuerquia, San Carlos , San Francisco, San Jerónimo, San José de la Montaña, San Luis, San Pedro de los Milagros, San Rafael, San Vicente Ferrer, Santa Bárbara, Santa Fe de Antioquia, Santa Rosa De Osos, Santo Domingo, Sonsón, Sopetrán, Támesis , Tarso, Titiribí, Toledo, Uramita, Urrao, Valparaíso, Venice and Yarumal.

“Those who currently have a special permit, it will be valid until February 10 of the current year and after that until it is renewed, they will not be able to carry weapons, under penalty of their seizure,” the military entity warned. .

It also clarifies that the general suspension measure also includes holders of traumatic weapons.

Said measure was issued in accordance with what was ordered by the National Government through Decree 2636 of December 30, 2022, which orders the general suspension of the carrying of firearms, which seeks to “maintain and preserve the security conditions of citizens and with them the protection of their rights”.

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The document clarifies that the measure does not apply to active personnel of the Public Force who are holders of permits to carry firearms for their personal defense.

Also for the active reserve of the Public Force and reserve officers, Congressmen and General Secretaries of the Senate of the Republic and of the
House of Representatives, Magistrates of the High Courts, Courts and judges, the Attorney General of the Nation and prosecutors of all kinds, as well as the Attorney General of the Nation and the Delegate Attorneys.

Also for the Comptroller General of the Republic and the Delegate Comptrollers, the Governors and municipal mayors, personnel of the commissions of foreign countries accredited in the country who have temporary import and export permits, or special permits issued based on article 24 of the Decree 2535 of 1993.

In addition, athletes and collectors of firearms duly accredited and with valid possession permits for sports weapons and valid possession
permanent respectively, who must transport the weapons inside their vehicles, unloaded and without a supplier on; for activities and competitions
sports or collector events; according to the case.

“In any case, a special permit to carry weapons will be required after compliance with the requirements, for firearms authorized for personal defense and restricted use,” the document says.


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