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PH in El Poblado: complaints of sexual exploitation in Medellín – Medellín – Colombia

The Mayor’s Office of Medellín put the magnifying glass on a complaint from the portal ‘manifest‘. The article states that a group of Americans is organizing parties, dinners and trips to meet women in this capital.

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My clients are millionaires who pay me very well to throw parties where there are only well-behaved girls.

The seriousness of the fact is that they would be capturing older than age to be sexually exploited by mento whom they charge up to 600 dollars (about 3 million pesos), Manifiesta said.

The revelations of this medium reached Daniel Quintero, who asked José Gerardo Acevedo, Secretary of Security of Medellín, to quickly investigate the denounced facts.

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Posted on Instagram by user ‘@Caseyredbeard’, who is also called ‘Casey Redbeard’, ‘Casey Barbarossa’ or ‘Mr. Whiskers’, these party announcements are displayed with opulence and luxury. The meetings would take place in apartments in El Poblado, where they offer interested women food, a DJ and transportation completely free.

These meetings, says the aforementioned media outlet, are called ‘gringo parties’. The organizers assure clients that they will have “young, elegant and attractive country women who are not prostitutes, webcam models or Onlyfans’, among other specifications.”

Even, on her Instagram, Casey Redbeard pointed out: How come my parties are free? My clients are millionaires who pay me very well to throw parties where there are only well-behaved girls. They don’t want to meet the girls who are in the Lleras at 2 am, if you know what I mean? Parties are just for fun, no pressure. Safe environment!”

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Manifiesta also revealed that he heard the testimonies of at least two minors who had been recruited to attend these parties and had been victims of commercial sexual exploitation of minors by Casey and his instigators. The outlet added that several women have received commissions for recruiting and taking other young women to the events.

For these complaints, Secretary Acevedo reported that there are up to 100 million pesos for information that allows finding those who are sexually exploiting men and women in Medellín.

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Worrying outlook

Since last year, the alerts for sexual exploitation in this capital were turned on, the C3 Urban Conflict Consulting Center. “According to our analysis, it has grown by approximately 20 percent. Let’s say, out of 100 Venezuelan prostitutes 4-3 years ago, today there are 120, more or less what the quantitative data is throwing at us”, explained Luis Guillermo Pardo, director of this entity.

In recent weeks, the Medellín Sectional Prosecutor’s Office captured 22 people for the crimes of sexual abuse and exploitation. In this capital, 178 complaints have been received for this crime in 2022 and so far in 2023.

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In addition, from the Medellín mayor’s office, the magnifying glass is being put on the exploitation of minors. In fact, eight complaints have already been received for cases of pornography, two for the use of the media to offer illegal sexual activities with children under 18 years of age, one case of induction into prostitution, one more for pimping and two for human trafficking.


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