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Tribute to Incauca workers murdered in Cauca – Other Cities – Colombia

Collaborators of incauca mill paid tribute to Leonardo Talaga and Rodolfo Dagua, the workers who were killed in an armed attack, registered in a farm in the municipality of Padilla, in northern Cauca.

The act took place on the morning of this Wednesday, February 8, in the chapel of the Incauca mill, in Miranda.

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There, in a symbolic act with flowers and candles, as a symbol of love and respect for life, hundreds of workers and managers said their last goodbyes to the two victims.

“Incauca rejects the attacks against private property that have been taking place since December 2014 and that have worsened in their violence, leading to the tragedy that puts two families in mourning,” the mill said in a statement.

The cane union of Cauca and Valle, as well as different sectors, condemned the events presented on the afternoon of this Monday, February 6, in which two workers lost their lives, in the midst of clashes in the village of El Tetillo.

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The Valle Intergremial Committee (CIEV), Asocaña, Riopaila Castilla, the National Association of Businessmen of Colombia (Andi), Comfandi, unions such as SintraAgroincol, Sintrainagro and Sintraindulce, affiliated with the CTC, the CUT and the CGT, among others, rejected these acts of violence against workers in the sector linked to the Ingenio del Cauca.

“We stand in solidarity with the affected families and call for the facts to be clarified and for justice to act promptly. The trust and stability that had been gained in recent months cannot be lost, and we trust that the dialogues will return to give a peaceful solution to the social conflicts that are occurring in the region,” said Edwin Maldonado, executive director of the Committee. Interunion and Business of the Valley.

The Governor of Cauca, Elías Larrahondo Carabalí, said: “again the inter-ethnic conflict and disrespect for life, mourning north of Cauca, this time, the victims are two workers from the Cauca sugar mill who lost their lives in events that occurred in the village on Tetillo, in Padilla”.

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“We stand in solidarity with their families, with the people of Padilla and the Afro community of northern Cauca. We work hand in hand with the competent authorities so that the necessary actions are investigated and taken in the face of these unfortunate events,” added the departmental president.

Two people died, another two were injured and another was detained by several after an armed confrontation in a rural area of ​​the northern Caucasus municipality of Padilla. The violent event occurred this Monday, February 6, at the Ukraine farm.

For this Thursday, February 9, at 9 in the morning, residents of the municipality of Padilla and its surroundings, with white shirts and flags, will pay tribute to the two workers.

According to the Ombudsman’s Office, Cauca is the department where the highest number of land invasions was registered in 2022.


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