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Dead priest in a bar in Medellín: investigators’ clues – Medellín – Colombia

Five days have passed since the last night of life of Javier Eduardo Gonzalez Pertuz, the 39-year-old priest who died last Saturday, February 4, in a bar on Carrera 70A with Calle 42, in Laureles, in Medellín.

On Friday, February 3, the father left the San José Missionary Seminary, where he worked educating young people, and around 1 in the morning on Saturday he met another man in the commercial establishment on 70.

They sat at the table in the back of the room. and they shared a few minutes.

The manager of the bar informed the Police that the priest arrived in the company of another person around 1 in the morning, they had some drinks and half an hour later the man accompanying the priest left the place.

The man came out with Javier Eduardo’s watch, wallet and cell phone.

He priest was lying on the table of the establishment for which the administrator thought he was drunk and took him to the platform of the place because it was going to close and called the police.

When the quadrant goes to the place, they notice that he has no vital signs and they immediately call the relevant authorities to remove the body.

the trail

There are multiple unknowns surrounding the case. Until now, the result of the toxicological examination that was carried out on Javier Eduardo’s body to find out if he would have been the victim of some substance that would cause his death or if, on the contrary, he would have suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest, is not known.

The truth is Investigators are on the trail of the subject who was with him in the bar and for this they follow indications with which they are putting together the puzzle of the facts.

are more than 10 hours of security camera recordings those that analyze frame by frame to know the before and after journey of the man who accompanied the father.

They already have several fingerprints that are being compared to be able to find full identification. Investigators have even been able to interview several of his relatives and friends who have given valuable clues about the man who accompanied the priest that night and who has several of the answers to this mysterious death in a bar in Medellín.

8 years ago Javier Eduardo was ordained as a priest. He was born in Planeta Rica, Córdoba, and he was currently working as a trainer at the San José Missionary Seminary in Medellín and gave Sunday mass at the Jesús de la Buena Esperanza church, in the Belén Rosales neighborhood where he was just fired in a Eucharist last Monday.


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