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Experience of a soccer player from Cali who survived an earthquake in Turkey – Cali – Colombia

The tragedy that is being experienced in Turkey due to the telluric movements that have occurred since the early hours of Monday, February 6, has caused athletes to go through difficult times, including the soccer player from Cali Farlyn Fernanda Caicedowho plays in the women’s league of that country.

The athlete who plays for Gaziantep Algspor Kulülubü remembers that at the time of the earthquake she was on a bus because the team was returning from Hakkari (eastern Turkey) to her province, Gaziantep (near the border with Syria, a country that was also affected by the earthquake.

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The atmosphere was pleasant, since the club had thrashed Hakkari Gücü 0-3 as a visitor and one of the goals was scored by the striker from Cali who He played for Orsomarso, América de Cali and Deportivo Cali.

Gaziantep had beaten Hakkari 0-3.

“We were coming by car since there are no flights due to the weather, we were going back when we found out what happened, thank God I was not in the province when it happened. When we arrived in the afternoon felt aftershocks of the quakebut it did not happen to majors ”, says the soccer player.

He says that since they arrived in the province (Gaziantep) they stayed on the bus for a long time for security reasons.

“We are in a place without buildings due to the collapses that have occurredand I am waiting for what happens”, adds the soccer player from Cali.

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He has not been able to see the magnitude of the disaster in the city where he lives, because they are on the outskirts, in a safe area, however, through networks he has found out about some affectations, he even found out that it was one of the most affected cities.

Relatives and people close to him recommended: “Be with the team, and in case of any major emergency, contact the Consulate.”

Farlyn, who joined the Turkish club on January 7 of this year, is waiting for everything to develop better.

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