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Whose body was they carried in the trunk of a taxi in Cali? – Cali, Colombia

When it was discovered crimethe first thing that was reported was that the cabbie he had wanted to escape from the authorities, but as the hours passed it was discovered that he was not, in fact, the driver.

The family and the union of taxi drivers mourn the death of the taxi driver Jose Auber Gonzalez Espinosa.

On Wednesday night, a cab was moving through one of the streets of commune 22, in the south of Cali. On the way, you come across a checkpoint. Police.

General Jose Daniel Gualdroncommander of the Metropolitan Police of Cali, reported that, jointly, with the security front of the taxi drivers, agents of the institution required the automobile, r in the sector known as La María, immediately to Cañasgordas avenue.

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The call was to advance a search and identification, however, the driver tries to escape on foot, according to the version.

But the uniformed officers managed to capture him and proceeded to a review of the documentation. They also return to the place where the vehicle was left.

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The astonishment came when the body of a male person was located in the car, who apparently had a gunshot wound to the forehead. The impact would have been caused by a traumatic weapon.

The report stated that he would also present three injuries with a sharp weapon.

José Auber González Espinosa, taxi driver murdered in southern Cali

General Gualdrón reported that contact was made with the owner of the vehicle to carry out the traceability process to verify details about the homicide.

As the hours passed, it began to be discovered that the murdered person was the taxi driver.

Jhony Rangel, spokesman for the yellow stain, said that the victim responded to the name of José Auber González Espinosa, an experienced professional.

Rangel explained that the Police required a taxi-type vehicle for requisition and whoever was behind the wheel went out to run and was captured.

“In the back, not in the hold, he had a lifeless body, which is that of the real taxi driver,” said Rangel, who was upset because “unscrupulous people have said that a taxi driver was carrying a dead man in the trunk, that is false”.

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The Police detained the alleged driver before the Prosecutor’s Office for prosecution.

The circumstances of the murder are under investigation, as is the participation of other companions of the alleged driver. Mobile phones are initially associated with a theft.

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