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A restaurant is paid with a false transfer and sent salchipapa de arena – Other Cities – Colombia

User scams to restaurants through virtual payments has become common in Santa Marta. The owners claim to be tired and desperate due to the constant economic losses that this type of theft generates.

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For this reason, one of those affected, upon discovering the false payment that they intended to make by means of a consignment, -which is how fraudsters proceed-, decided not only to expose it in social networks, but to send you a food order with an unusual preparation.

The way he acted in this case, he recorded it in a video that he made public and that soon went viral.

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The owner of the Cómics Pizza restaurant recounted in the recording that it was not the first time that they had tried to deceive him with a false transfer, but that this time they were able to realize that the payment had not entered.

In retaliation they made the scammer believe that they had sent him the rib salchipapa he requested, however in reality they took a similar package and filled it with sand, almonds and lettuce with traditional sauces.

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“Be very attentive, because this modality is still going on, and it is that they do catches very well, so it is better to check before ordering,” they wrote in the publication.

The video got a lot of comments, all in favor of the way they proceeded in the fast food restaurant.

“Well done. they deserved it. The wickedness of the people There are no limits to stealing”, were some of the comments that the publication received.

By Roger Urieles
For THE TIME Santa Marta

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