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They painted the fur of a horse to deceive the authorities and steal it • La Nación

Uniforms from the Carabineros Group and canine handlers from the Neiva Metropolitan Police managed to recover two horses that had been stolen.

This is how last Saturday morning, by means of a call to the radio station, they reported the theft of two horses from a farm located in the town of El Juncal, immediately the uniformed officers attached to the Group of Carabineros and Canine Guides of the Metropolitan Police of Neiva, in the search they manage in the Uno commune, the recovery of one of the stolen horses, achieving the capture of a 27-year-old subject for the crime of reception.

It should be noted that this subject was made available that same day for this crime, where a control and guarantee judge decided to release him.

They painted the fur of a horse to deceive the authorities and steal it 8 February 2, 2023

Yesterday, Tuesday, January 31 of this year, the recovery of the other equine was achieved again in commune One, where thanks to the expertise of the police officers who noticed that the horse’s coat was dyed another color, this in order to evade the actions of the authorities since its original color was bay.

We highlight that in the recovery of this equine, the capture of the same subject by reception is achieved again, who was the person who was with the horse and had changed its coat color.

The captured man was made available before a control and guarantee judge for the crime of reception, who decided to release him.

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