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Valentina Trespalacios: DJ’s case recalls that of Natalia Buitrago – Other Cities – Colombia

When Claribel Moreno found out about the murder of the DJ Valentina Trespalacios Hidalgo He felt a chill run through his entire body. The age and physical appearance of the young woman, as well as the drama of her family due to the circumstances surrounding her tragic death, stirred up her own history; a story of pain, sadness, anguish and any other qualifier that she can describe what a mother who has not heard from her daughter for more than a year and a half carries in her heart.

A story without an end, or with an end that Claribel wants with all her being: that her daughter appears alive.

The last time this woman born in Jamundí (Valle del Cauca) spoke with Natalia Buitrago Moreno, the third of her four children –two men and two women-, was on August 18, 2021. That day, from Dosquebradas (Risaralda) , where she had lived for about seven months, Natalia told her mother that she was in Cartagena, for a walk, with some friends.

Claribel knew that her daughter did not travel to the “walled city” with friends, but with the man with whom she had had a romantic relationship for five years. It was not the first time that Natalia lied to her mother when she was with her boyfriend to avoid arguments. This, a man 18 years older than her, was not very loved in Natalia’s family because of the different problems they had. In fact, the man has rarely gone to his mother-in-law’s house in Jamundí.

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Instagram Natalia Buitrago.

“You know that when a woman or a man is in love, they listen to their hearts,” says Claribel.

Natalia, who is now 23 years old, was also born in Jamundí. from an early age
-according to her mother- she wanted to be an actress or a model. She learned makeup, body aesthetics and sales. In Dosquebradas she set up a beauty center.

Unsuccessful and disappointing search

Given the lack of news from Natalia and the impossibility of speaking with her boyfriend, since he did not answer his cell phone, Claribel traveled to Cartagena to look for her daughter. For ten days he searched for her from street to street, from beach to beach, but could not find her. He recounted that with a large photograph of Natalia she went to the Police, to the Prosecutor’s Office, to relief organizations, but none of these entities gave him information about his daughter.

Claribel also traveled to Dosquebradas to look for her daughter. Natalia’s friends there and in Pereira told her that they did not know about her or that they only knew that she was going to travel to Cartagena.

He tried to enter the house where Natalia lived in Dosquebradas because he wanted to get a clue, anything, that would help him find her whereabouts. However, they did not give him permission.

Claribel has enlisted the help of the media in her relentless pursuit, but she has also become an expert on social media to that end. With the help of some people, she was able to recover her daughter’s Instagram account; and in that profile she uploads videos that have been taken about the disappearance of her daughter. She also created her own Instagram account for the same purpose.

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“The authorities have not helped me much. If in this case there was a foreigner involved, like what is happening now, they would help me more,” Claribel said disappointed.

Even though you had a five-year relationship, why didn’t you come find us, talk about what happened?

Claribel says that she kept looking for Natalia’s boyfriend and after a long time she got a cell phone number where he answered, but the conversation was tense.

According to Claribel, her daughter’s partner told her that she was prostituting herself, denied that she lived with her, and He stated that before the trip to Cartagena the relationship he had with her had ended.

“Even though they had a five-year relationship, why didn’t he come looking for us, to talk about what happened? Why didn’t he send someone close to him to help us in the search? She has always been indifferent, just like his family, ”Claribel revealed.

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Regarding the claim that Natalia was prostituting herself, Claribel clarified that, two months before she disappeared, Natalia opened an account on ‘Only Fans’. “She is very pretty and you know what youth is like. She uploaded photos in swimsuits, but they want to show what she is not. But if she were like that, like this young woman who was murdered in Bogotá, Even if a woman dresses the way she dresses, has the boyfriends she has, there is no reason for a person to be murdered or disappeared,” Claribel said.

Some videos of Natalia appeared

With this image they are looking for Natalia today.

On her daughter’s Instagram account, Claribel found some short videos, apparently recorded by Natalia in the San Felipe Castle, the Clock Tower and Bora Bora Island, among other emblematic places in Cartagena.

In some of the images, Claribel says, Her daughter’s boyfriend appears when they were aboard a ship in the Caribbean Seapossibly en route to Bora Bora Island.

He returned to Cartagena with those videos and they paid more attention to it, but nothing has served to find at least one indication of Natalia’s possible whereabouts.

Now, the only thing she knows about her daughter’s boyfriend is that he apparently fell into a raid by the Mexican police against suspected drug traffickers.

“My heart tells me that my daughter is going to show up. I live in faith and I believe in God, but I will continue looking for her,” Claribel concluded.

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