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Huilense was fired with honors, for his participation in the Korean War • La Nación

In 1954, Guillermo Montalvo, born in Agrado Huila, showed courage and courage when he was appointed to the group of soldiers who served in the Korean War. Last Monday, January 23, at the age of 90, in Neiva, Huila and after several health problems, this courageous veteran left to become part of the heavenly army.

Guillermo Montalvo, after his courageous participation in the Korean campaign, returned to his Department and settled in the city of Neiva, where he was always linked to the National Army, hence the need to make a fair recognition of his commitment to the ideals of Colombia, for being a guide for the new generations and for their company, until their last days of life, on the path that soldiers travel today in search of consolidating peace and defending life.

Today his legacy motivates every Colombian soldier to give everything for the defense of the Nation. A war veteran who offered the best years of his life to guarantee safety and well-being, confirming the essence of a soldier: ensuring the stability of democracy.

His legacy of life glimpses a citizen who infected the civilian population with the need for good Huilenses who work based on the progress of their land.

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