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Salsa & Bachata Performance Teams Overhaul

We’re restructuring our performance teams for 2023. New Training times, focus and Auditions now included for those choosing to compete.

Salsa Couple Team UPDATE: – We’ve changed tact with the Salsa On1 Team, and will now be reworked with a new routine and we are now taking it to competitions. We have now taken out our Mambo team for this year so the The Salsa team will now stay on Thursdays 8:35pm. If you still want to join please contact us because this has already started. ….read more on the Salsa Couples Team here >

Bachata Performance Course: Starting very soon

8th Feb Wednesdays 8:30pm (FREE on this start Date) ….read more on the Bachata Couples Team here >

Ladies Salsa Shines Performance Course: Starting very soon

17th Feb Fridays 6:15pm (FREE on this start Date) ….read more on the Ladies Salsa Shines Team here >

Training – Also In the past we have done up to 2 lessons per week and now will be down to 1 lesson per week, but we expect students to practice in their own time. Initially courses will start with 1 hour per week and will increase to 1.5 hour sessions after the initial 8 weeks course.

level – Anyone at the intermediate levels or above may join the courses. But must also have passed a Latin Salsa grading.

Competitions – We will be focusing mainly on 2 Competitions for all teams this year. Instead of Auckland, we have decided to take teams to Brisbane Competition. The festival we have chosen this year is now in Tauranga “Bay Salsa Festival”, it’s a super supportive event. Still to be confirmed.

Auditions – Once we are well into the training of the routine, we have also reintroduced Auditions. The top performers will be selected to enter the competition team. We will only have a limited amount of space, or a limited number of performers. This is much different that we have done before. There will still be performance opportunities for those that didn’t make the cut.

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