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Prosecutor’s Office summoned Danilo Rueda and Petro’s brother for alleged payments from drug traffickers to enter total peace • La Nación

The attorney general, Francisco Barbosa, confirmed that the accusing body will call the high commissioner for peace, Danilo Rueda and Juan Fernando Petro, brother of President Gustavo Petro, to testify. For what reason?

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Today, the Attorney General of the Nation, Francisco Barbosa, confirmed that the accusing entity will call the Peace Commissioner, Danilo Rueda, as well as the brother of President Gustavo Petro, Juan Fernando Petro, to testify after the denunciations of the possible existence of a network of lawyers who would be receiving money on behalf of these two people in exchange for allowing drug traffickers to enter the total peace program of the national government.

“Organizations and other people would be carrying out illegal activities in order to link, as peace managers, drug traffickers and people who are requested in extradition, paying large sums of money,” Barbossa said.

On the other hand, Barbosa affirmed that President Gustavo Petro is open to all investigations and expressed his full support to the Attorney General’s Office to clarify as soon as possible the veracity or not of these serious facts.

It must be taken into account that in a recent interview with Semana magazine, President Petro’s brother referred to this issue, stating that “They are using my name. I say it honestly: they use my name, below the rope, to make negotiations of all kinds.

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