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Councilor Casagua’s proposal seeks to recognize young people and put aside the ‘political leverage’ to access internships • La Nación

With the objective of guaranteeing transparency in the access of students to carry out professional practices, internships and judiciary in the Municipal Administration; Councilman Germán Casagua announced that on March 1 he will file a municipal agreement project called “Internships for merits”, which seeks that said process be public and transparent.

“Last year only 8.85% of the students received remuneration for their work in the Mayor’s Office. Only 10 out of 113, this is not pcan continue to happen in our ccity”, stressed the councilor. In the middle of the extraordinary sessions, Gherman Casagua announced that the draft municipal agreement “Internships for merits” will be filed next March, which seeks to put aside politicization to access internships. “Everything should be meritocracy,” stressed the lobbyist.

“We want to share this process so that it can be enriched from now until the date of its filing, with the educational population. Likewise, I hope to have the support of the cCouncilors, we also welcome the contributions that you want to make to this municipal agreement that we will be filing on March 1, we want to listen to the citizens and we will establish socialization tables so that this draft agreement is a reality in the mmunicipality”. The councilor said that he expects a good response from the public to strengthen each other and prevent this injustice from normalizing.

“We do not want the possibility of those maneuvers that politicians have to manipulate students to exist, for this reason we want access to be able to regulate the practices, judgeships, internships or semester of social service as a modality of degree of the students of the SENA and public and private Higher Education Institutions, in the Municipal Administration and its decentralized entities, thereby, the best students (best Saber Pro scores and best SENA scores) will be able to access said practices, internships and judiciary”, affirmed Casagua Bonilla.

For this purpose, the procedure, in the event that the draft agreement is approved by the Neiva Council, will be for the Municipal Administration together with its decentralized entities on a single website, to publish the calls and their respective terms of the process of choice. Thus, (2) two calls per year will be published; the first in February and the second in July.

“We are going to be able to recognize the effort and sacrifice of the students, but at the same time, we are going to guarantee that the best students, those who have been demonstrating better preparation and that it is put to the service, get to carry out the internships in the Municipal Administration. of the citizenry”, stressed councilor Casagua Bonilla.

In context

From the year 2020 to the year 2022, as explained by the councilor Germán Casagua, there is a great gap in terms of students who receive remuneration for practices, internships and judiciary in the Municipal Administration.

In this way, he maintained that, since 2020, only 7 students received remuneration for their work, while 22 did not. The fact worsens in 2021, since there were 67 who did not receive financial recognition compared to 9 that were. Finally, the gap increases in the year 2022, since there were 113 unpaid students, compared to 10 who were paid.

“These data, prepared based on information from the Neiva Mayor’s Office, show what this situation really means, which is why we want their merits to be recognized and there to be equality in remuneration, under the premise that ‘no one will earn more than another’ , thus leaving the politicization and the ‘palancazo’ to access the internships”, Casagua Bonilla asserted.

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