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Petro ordered to investigate alleged network of sexual exploitation in Congress • La Nación

Faced with the accusations made by the former congressman of the Historical Pact, Gustavo Bolívar, in which he denounced the alleged existence of an alleged network of sexual exploitation in Congress, in which senators and officials who sexually enslave women would be involved, President Gustavo Petro requested an internal investigation into the events that occurred both in the current legislature and in previous ones.

Similarly, Gustavo Petro invited Senator María José Pizarro, President of the Women’s Commission in Congress, to create a special accidental commission to take charge of this task. It will have all the will and collaboration of the National Government to carry out this task.

It has also asked the presidents of the Senate of the Republic, Roy Barreras, and of the House of Representatives, David Racero, their full collaboration for this internal investigation.

The results of the investigation will be made available to public opinion, the media and the competent authorities, if necessary. It will go to the last consequences, preserving the right to honor and the presumption of innocence, but investigating all complaints received.

The President and the Government are totally committed to the rights of women and against any case of harassment, abuse or violence against them. This government practices zero tolerance for all kinds of abuse, be it in the field of politics, work or even the family.

Lastly, the Government will promote, as a criterion for the definition of senior State officials, a gender component and will shortly present an action protocol in this regard, as is the practice in other administrations committed to equality and the fight against any type of discrimination of gender or of any other nature. This protocol may be retroactive from the beginning of the current administration.

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