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‘Fico’ Gutiérrez on the departure of Felipe Bayón from Ecopetrol • La Nación

Former presidential candidate Federico Gutiérrez criticized the Petro government for the departure of Felipe Bayón from the presidency of Ecopetrol. For ‘Fico’, with this decision Colombia loses. In addition, he implied that the one who should resign is the Minister of Mines, Irene Vélez.

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The departure of Felipe Bayón from the presidency of Ecopetrol has generated all kinds of reactions in the country. One of those who expressed his opinion in this regard was the former presidential candidate Federico Gutiérrez.

Through his Twitter account, ‘Fico’ regretted the departure of the leader and pointed out that with this decision the Government does not lose, but the entire country. Similarly, in another message he indicated that the one who must resign is the Minister of Mines, Irene Vélez.

“The departure of Felipe Bayón, president of Ecopetrol, is more than serious. His knowledge of the sector, his seriousness, his commitment and his achievements contrast with the irresponsibility, lack of technical rigor and populism of Minister Irene Vélez. With this she loses Colombia. Very serious”, wrote ‘Fico’.

In another tweet, the former presidential candidate wrote the following: “Felipe Bayón stays and Irene Vélez leaves. This should be the right decision.” commented.

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