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Iconic Zero Point plumb line will be dismantled: Medellín Mayor’s Office – Medellín – Colombia

One of the emblematic and reference points of Medellin It is, without a doubt, the one that is located a few meters from Cerro el Volador and that serves as the entrance to the Robledo commune and the starting point of the North Highway: Zero Point.

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What draws the attention of the road interchange, located in the vicinity of the Prosecutor’s Office, the National University and the Coca Cola plant, is the gigantic plumb line which is suspended at the top of the structure.

It is a structure six meters high and two meters wide, which weighsto 800 kilos and which was inaugurated in August 1997, as recorded by this newspaper at the time. The work, in its entirety, cost about 14 billion pesos.

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25 years later, the Secretary of Physical Infrastructure of the Medellín mayor’s office reported that the plumb bob will be disassembled in the next few days to be subjected to a detailed inspection by experts. From that office they affirmed that the decision was made after a review on the site.

“During visual inspection it was possible to verify the state of the plumb bob materials and items that presented an imminent risk of falling were removed. There we made the determination to carry out a preventive disassembly of the entire piece and then carry out maintenance on it”, explained Adrián Alexis Correa, Undersecretary of Construction and Maintenance.

To perform this procedure, cranes and work equipment at heights will be used. In addition, it is expected that road closures will be scheduled in this important mobility sector, to allow the development of the works.

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As soon as it is disassembled, the plumb line will be transferred to a workshop at the mayor’s office for intervention. From the district administration highlighted that the clearing does not compromise the stability of the exchangergiven that the piece is an urban complement to it.

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