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Cali: congestion charge values ​​to get the car out at peak and plate – Cali – Colombia

After the end of five business days from the publication of the draft decree on the increase in the congestion charge in Calithat is, the value that a driver pays to remove his vehicle on the day of the spike And Plate, and that they do not sanction it, the secretariat of Mobility of the district announced the scope of the measure.

According to the Secretary of Mobility of CaliWilliam Vallejo, the decree includes the values ​​that citizens who need to travel in the city can pay during the days that have peak and plate, and may pay the value either monthly, semi-annually or for the entire year.

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More than 700,000 vehicles circulate in Cali.

“In the afternoon of today, decree 0038 is announced, through which the district of Santiago de Cali presents the adjustments made to the congestion rate, in force during the year 2023, following the guidelines established for the calculation of the same according to Municipal Agreement 401 of 2016,” said the official.

He held that value is established for the monthly payment at $245,272.

Those who make payments semi-annually, the cost will be $1′ 287.679 and those who pay in full for the 11 months that this measure will be in force will be a payment of $2,023,496.

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These values ​​are adjusted, according to the increase presented by the passage of the Mass Transportation System and discounts are applied to the annuity, the semester and the monthly payment.

“For the annuity the discount is 40%, for the semester 30% and to the monthly payment 20% is applied on the base value of the calculation”, highlighted Vallejo.

It is important to clarify that the payments to access this benefit for February correspond to the last business day of the month.

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On this occasion, the term is extended until the friday february 3Next for face-to-face payments, or virtually through the PSE platform, taking into account the number of months that the congestion fee will be paid,” said the official.

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It is important that citizens remember that the congestion fee only applies to campers, vans and private cars, which are those that are covered under the measure of spike and plate in the city.


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