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Paula Nicole Narváez case: girl has been missing for 8 years in Nariño – Other Cities – Colombia

Less than a year ago Nilsa Elizabeth Narvaez finally he was able to sleep better. She was able to recover her sleep thanks to the help of a psychologist, since since 2014 she had not been able to fall asleep. She constantly woke up at dawn worried about her daughter.

Eight years have passed since the image of Paula Nicole Palacios Narváez, her daughter, playing in a puddle is the last image that allows her to keep her little girl’s face alive in her memory. The minor was kidnapped on December 28, 2014 in Nariño. Since then, everything has been uncertainty.

“On September 30, he turned 13 years old,” says the grieving mother. It’s been 8 years since I saw her playing in the water. We didn’t say anything to each other and I don’t remember her saying anything to me. I only know that it was the last time I saw her, because she left and she did not come back ”.

The disappearance of the minor occurred in Buesaco, a town located one hour from Pasto, in Nariño. According to the testimonies collected, the girl went to the house of an aunt in the village of San Antonio, a rural area of ​​this municipality.

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Little Paula Nicole Palacios would be 13 years old today.


Photo published with the permission of the parents of the missing girl

It was a few blocks away, it was 3 in the afternoon. Time froze at that moment. Since then, multiple hypotheses have been enunciated, there have been captures, removals, separations, but Paula Nicole has not been able to know her whereabouts.

On February 6, Elizabeth plans to travel to buesaco so that the case is not forgotten, since there are still loose ends after more than 2,900 days of the kidnapping of his daughter.

“I was working for a while in a family home in Ipiales, but I have to go back because I have a job opportunity in a yin factory –explains Elizabeth–. In addition, my son will start studying, so I take advantage of it and I am pending the case ”.

According to the mother of the minor, the case that was progressing and which was missing some hearings stalled due to the quarantine decreed by the covid-19 pandemic. Since then, it has not been known what the case was or what new clue could be had.

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The case

According to what has been known in recent years about the disappearance of the minor, it is that during the afternoon of that December 2014, two vans circulated through the rural area where Elizabeth was with her daughter. From one of these vehicles, red in color, the kidnapping would have occurred.

According to the reconstruction of the facts by the Prosecutor’s Office, a man got out of the truck and approached the minor.

After several months of investigation, the authorities captured José Germán Paguatián Isandará on November 20, 2015, who would be the person who approached the girl that afternoon of December 28.

He was captured in the township of El Remolino, rural area of ​​Taminango, a municipality located two hours from the place where the minor was abducted. In that area, Paguatián Isandará worked on a farm.

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According to reports reviewed in EL TIEMPO, this man had a criminal record for attempted homicide – he was serving a 6-year sentence – and when he committed the crime he was on probation.

After hearing, Paguatián Isandará revealed the names of six accomplices.

This is the girl Paula Nicol Palacios Narváez.

On November 27 of that same year, Blanca Digna López López, 52 years old at the time, was captured in the Comuneros neighborhood of Cali. She was designated as the determiner of the disappearance of Paula Nicole, in addition to being responsible for paying 5 million pesos to those in charge of kidnapping the girl.

That same day, in Chachagüí, Doris Yolanda Pinta, a sentimental partner of Paguatián Isandará, was captured and two days later Erwin David Quintero Martínez, a motorcycle taxi driver implicated as a bell ringer, was killed.

Added to the list of arrests were those of Luis Antonio López (a former worker at Paula Nicole’s grandfather’s farm several years ago) and Jesús Fernando López Bolaños, driver of the red van.

But after several versions delivered, the only thing that could be clearly obtained from those involved is that after putting Paula Nicole in the vanthey traveled to the Pan-American highway and then no more was known about the minor, because José Germán arrived there, who stayed in Taminango.

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Case closed?

In December 2017, José Germán Paguatián Isandará was sentenced to 42 years and 6 months in prison for the crime of aggravated forced disappearance; In July 2018, Jesús Fernando López Bolaño and Luis Antonio López Ojeda were also sentenced for the same amount of time.

Blanca Digna López López and Erwin David Quintero Martínez They were free at the time they also received a sentence for the case due to the expiration of terms, and although they received a sentence, they are fugitives from justice.

“I would like the case to be reactivated – Elizabeth denounces -. I don’t think it’s going to stay like this, because more culprits still need to be sentenced and my daughter also needs to appear, I keep hoping and wherever she is, I hope she’s okay.

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By February 2020, EL TIEMPO reviewed the importance of the oral trial against Yolanda Pinto, which predicted to be key to ending the mystery of the disappearance of Paula Nicole.

But covid-19 appeared and everything seems to have been forgotten.

“I’m going to go talk to the Prosecutor’s Office to find out what the case was,” explains the mother. It cannot be that she has remained like this, my girl has not yet appeared ”.

For now, Nilsa Elizabeth is being kept sane by her other 10-year-old son. Thanks to the help of psychiatrists and the monitoring of mental health specialists, she can finally say that she slept the whole night.

At 31 years old, and after eight years without news of Paula Nicole
the mother still hopes that the case has not closed, and that her little girl appears again to feel whole again.

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