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John Poulos, alleged murderer of Valentina Trespalacios, is captured • La Nación

Panamanian authorities confirmed that John Poulos, the main suspect in the death of Dj Valentina Trespalacios, was sheltered under an administrative detention measure when he tried to escape to another country in the region.

The Colombian authorities are waiting for an official arrest warrant to be issued to continue with the judicial process against the man of North American nationality.

prime suspect

In a video circulating on social networks, you can see the DJ together with her boyfriend, with whom, according to her relatives, they were already planning a wedding. After said recording, the woman appeared dead in a trash can in the capital of the Republic.

Taking into account the above, John Poulos, an American citizen (a native of the state of Texas) is accused of murdering the well-known DJ, because he was the last person with whom she would have appeared alive, in addition to the fact that after appearing dead there was no appeared.

It is expected in the next few hours that he will be transferred to Colombia to answer for the crime of homicide, which has caused outrage throughout the country.

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