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What details are known about the murder of DJ Valentina Trespalacios? • The nation

The crime in Bogotá of the renowned Dj Valentina Trespalacios continues to generate consternation among authorities and citizens, after her body was found inside an abandoned suitcase in a park in the west of the capital.

The facts were revealed on the night of Sunday, January 22, when a street inhabitant, attracted by an abandoned suitcase, ended up discovering the lifeless body. According to the information that this person gave to the authorities, the suitcase had been inside a garbage container for several hours in the middle of the park in the Los Cámbulos neighborhood, town of Fontibón.

Other details of the case

According to reports from the authorities, in the place where the body of the young woman was found there was also a box containing personal items, such as a technology student card in international trade and business from UNINPAHU University.

The authorities have already deployed the investigation work and located several security cameras that are located in the surroundings of the site. Likewise, Migration Colombia seeks to determine if the boyfriend of the victim, a US citizen, left the country.

According to the first versions, the young woman went out to a party last Friday, January 20, with her sentimental partner. According to Carlos Trespalacios, the victim’s uncle, the young woman’s partner arrived from the United States last week and now they do not appear, which has aroused suspicion among the young woman’s relatives.

“She went out to party with her American fiancé on Friday and Saturday. She shared WhatsApp messages while at the disco, there is no doubt that they were sharing, so we want him to appear, to show his face, to give us his version, to tell us where he left her, what happened to her, “ said Carlos Trespalacios.

Until the closing of this edition, Legal Medicine had not confirmed the causes of death of the renowned DJ Valentina Trespalacios.

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