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Tolima: an anteater died after being hit with a club – Other Cities – Colombia

Despite the specialized attention he received for 5 days, an anteater that was treated by veterinarians at the Cortolima Wildlife Care and Assessment Center (CAV) finally died in Ibagué.

The Tamandua (scientific name of the anteater) he had severe neurological damage from being hit by unknown persons with a club. Among the hypotheses that are being handled are that the attack would have occurred with the intention of hunting it down to sell it to traffickers of this species.

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“He presented neurological involvement and could not move his upper extremities,” said Delio Orjuela, a veterinarian from Cortolima.

He added that, when performing tests and X-rays, “we detected that he had several fractures in his head, caused not by being hit by a vehicle, but by being hit with a club.”

With this serious clinical picture, veterinarians, zootechnicians, biologists and other professionals began their recovery process to try to reduce inflammation in the brain.

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“It was necessary to feed them through a tube,” said the vet.

The mistreatment he received on his head was so severe that, unfortunately, the anteater died after 5 days of fighting to try to get him to safety and Cortolima pointed out that this is one of the many cases that are received every day at the Care and Valuation Center.

“Every day we recover beaten, malnourished or precarious animals,” said the environmental entity that called on the community to respect wildlife.

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