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Criticism of Petro for the “total peace” policy • La Nación

The representative to the Huilense Chamber, Víctor Andrés Tovar, once again expressed his concern about President Gustavo Petro’s “total peace” policy, which includes peace talks with all illegally armed groups.

“We are not optimistic, we are realistic, we do not believe in promises to deceive the hope of Colombians; Nobody in Colombia rationally opposes peace, it would be crazy, but it is another thing to launch a policy that only offers taxes and benefits to all criminals, including criminal gangs. The government is planning to give away impunity left and right; that is not good for anyone except criminals,” she expressed.

And he added: “We are on the side of peace, of the one that is built with justice, truth and reparation and that has the victims in the front row, not the criminals; We will support all efforts for real, solid and long-term peace.”

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