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Blog 8 Day Colombian Express High-End

Thanks for checking out BnB Colombia Tours and we very much hope that our impressive tours can make your daily routine somewhat more enjoyable!

Our team here at BnB Colombia Tours is super excited to share with you our 8-Day Colombian Express High-End Tour for the over 50s. High End. A journey to Colombia is one you will never forget.

With a rich history, Bogota It is a fascinating city to explore. The sprawling city is far larger than most imagine. The perfect city to start the adventure of discovering Colombia.

View, Bogota

You will experience the pulsating center of Bogota including The Candlemas. The streets are full of amazing colonial buildings along with the opulent Presidential Palace and seat of Government.
candlemas is the area where youhe city of Bogota was founded in 1538 and takes its name from a Catholic chapel dedicated to honoring the Virgin of the Candelaria. It was also a sacred site for the indigenous muiscas.
The mix between old and modern styles is visible not only in the architecture but also in the daily life of La Candelaria. Artists, students, politicians, and visitors from all over the world mingle together.

The candelaria, Bogota

The famous D’Oro Museum (Gold Museum) It is a source of national pride and one of the most visited sites in Colombia. The museum consists of four floors containing more than 55,000 items of gold, ceramics, textiles, stone, and wood from pre-Hispanic cultures in Colombia.

Water Jug, Gold Museum
Water Jug, Gold Museum

Ascend the heights 2,000´/610m above the city in a cable car to the sanctuary of Monserrate, in the eastern mountains of Bogotá, which can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. A monastery perched high in the Andes overlooking the entire metropolis, it affords the most spectacular of views.

Mount Monserrate, Bogota
Mount Monserrate, Bogota

Interested in visiting more of Bogotá and its surroundings? Check out our 13-Day Heart and Soul Tour

Medellin, the second largest city of Colombia is known as the City of Eternal Spring. With its near-perfect weather, you will find plenty of parks and plazas where you can enjoy the sunshine with fresh juice and empanada from a street food vendor.
Medellin has transformed itself perhaps more than any other city in the world. Though its violent, tumultuous past is well-known, today the city is modern, innovative, and generally charming.

Botero Square, Medellin
Botero Square, Medellin

guatapean Andean resort town situated on the shores of a spectacular manmade reservoir, is, without a doubt, one of the most picturesque and natural places in Colombia.
Jaw-dropping lake views atop La Piedra (Rock) leave you speechless.
A helicopter ride over the area will be a highlight.

guatape lake

Visit Coffee Farm (farm) where you can have the opportunity to participate in the production of the finest Colombian coffee.

Interested in learning more about the Colombian Cacao product? You can have this tour in our 14-Day Culture, Nature, and Cartagena tour near Guatape OR have a complete experience of the Coffee Zone on our 15-Day Colombian-Highlights Tour

Of course, Cartagena and the Caribbean coast are totally spectacular, so off we go there!
A city of colorful colonial architecture, and vibrant culture with sensational beaches and islands.
The walled city of Cartagena de Indiasto UNESCO heritage siteis unique in its beauty that fascinates travelers from all over the world.
This slice of Caribbean paradise offers colonial charm and history, with fantastic restaurants, great shopping, and bustling nightlife.

Fort San Felipe, Cartagena

The Rosario Islands are a small archipelago of some 28 islanders, located offshore from Cartagena.
Your day of island hopping will be like no other.
A treasured place in nature, pure white sandy beaches reflect a sea of ​​contrasts with distinct sapphires and jade. You can dive into crystal-clear water, snorkel, or just relax.
There is nothing more carefree than a day at the beach.

Rosario Island, Cartagena
Rosario Island, Cartagena

Want to visit and experience the Colombian Caribbean? Check out our 7-Day, 8-Day, and 11-Day tour.

We work with selected local experts to craft the world’s greatest adventures.
All the logistics are arranged so you only have to show up and have a blast!

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