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14 Day Culture, Nature & Cartagena Over 50s High End

Thanks for checking out BnB Colombia Tours and we very much hope that our impressive tours can make your daily routine somewhat more enjoyable!

Our team here at BnB Colombia Tours is super excited to share with you our 14-Day Culture, Nature & Cartagena Tour for the over 50s. High End. A journey to Colombia is one you will never forget.

In the evening of the day of your arrival, you will experience a fabulous Welcome Dinner. This will allow you to meet your fellow travelers and shroud yourself in the spirit of what is about to happen

Medellin is the most modern and dynamic city in Colombia, the city of eternal spring.
Once infamous for its dangerous gangs and drug trafficking, Medellin has been transformed. Today it is a vibrant destination for travelers looking for a culture-filled vacation.
Medellín stands proudly in the Aburrá Valley and its natural beauty makes it the perfect environment for hiking, zip-lining, paragliding, or horseback riding.

Subway, Medellin
Subway, Medellin

The surrounding areas hold many treasures including beautiful paisa towns (country towns).
You will understand the turbulent history of the city and appreciate the amazing progress made over the last 15 years.
Medellin is surrounded by the Andes mountains. So, wherever you go in the city you are guaranteed a view of mountains and stunning landscapes.

Medellin Cable Cars

Once one of the most dangerous of neighborhoods in Medellin, Commune 13, which clings to the mountainside above the San Javier metro station, has undergone an impressive metamorphosis in recent times and is now safe to visit. The nucleus of a trip to the Comuna is the area around the escalators, the outdoor climbers that provide access to homes in marginalized neighborhoods that were formerly isolated from the rest of the city.
The area surrounding the six sets of escalators is awash with murals and graffitiwhile at the top there is a mirador and a boardwalk gifting fine views of the bustling city below.

Graffiti Commune 13

guatape is a sensational area created from the flooding of two towns to create a dam. there is the The Peñol Stone (Rock) to climb – all 740 steps!
The highlight here will undoubtedly be the helicopter ride to view the lake and islands from a high.

Guatape, Medellin
Guatape, Medellin

Visit Cocoa Farm (chocolate farm) where you will have the opportunity to even make your own!

Then you are headed for the Colombian Amazon, which is the perfect playground for adventurers. observe nature at its finest. A lush jungle with medicinal plants, pink and gray dolphins, monkeys, tarantulas, alligators and others all make this home. Fish for piranhas. Explore the wildest and most rugged part of Colombia.
This incredible tour will take you into the heart of the amazon where you will take river trips to visit remote amazonian tribes.

Monkey, Amazon

On to Bogota for the next stage of the adventure.
With a rich history, Bogota It is a fascinating city to explore. The sprawling city is far larger than most imagine. You will experience the pulsating center of Bogotá including The Candlemas. The streets are full of amazing colonial buildings along with the opulent Presidential Palace and seat of Government

Justice Palace. Bogota

Many works by the artist Fernando Botero are on display at the Botero Museum.
to visit the famous Museo D´Oro (Gold Museum) will be followed by ascending the heights in a cable car to Monserrate. A monastery perched high above Bogotá it affords the most spectacular views.

Walking Monserrate
Walking Monserrate

Of course, Cartagena and the Caribbean coast are something really special, so off we go there!
A city of colorful colonial architecture, and vibrant culture with sensational beaches and islands.
The walled city of Cartagena de Indiasto UNESCO heritage site, is unique in its beauty that fascinates travelers from all over the world.
This slice of Caribbean paradise offers colonial charm and history, with lots of fantastic restaurants, great shopping, and bustling nightlife.

Colorful streets of the colonial walled city of Cartagena de Indias

The Rosario Islands are a small archipelago of some 28 islanderslocated offshore from Cartagena.
Your day of island hopping will be like no other.
A privileged place in nature, pure white sandy beaches of coral formation, reflect a sea of ​​contrasts with distinct blues and greens. You can dive into crystal-clear water, snorkel, or just relax.
There is nothing more carefree than a day at the beach.

Time passes swiftly when we are stressed free and now it is time to say goodbye.

You will re-live your memories and photos at an amazing Farewell Dinnerr at one of Cartagena’s fine restaurants.
Time to catch up on memories and enjoy the last moments of an unforgettable journey.

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We work with selected local experts to craft the world’s greatest adventures.
All the logistics are arranged so you only have to show up and have a blast!

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