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7 tips to pack and travel like a PRO

Have you had problems with the size of your carry-on luggage, items that are not allowed on the plane, or simply the anxiety of the trip made you forget to pack an essential item for your trip? It has surely happened to most of us, having to pay extra costs for not complying with airline regulations or having to leave items at the airport for not being able to get them on the plane. So we decided to review the most basic -and most useful- rules for packing, and behold, 7 tips to pack your luggage and travel like a PROwithout setbacks or headaches.

Check your airline’s hand luggage rules

One of the headaches for travelers is paying for cost overruns or wasting time at airport controls because their luggage does not comply with any airline regulations. Although it may vary in some cases, most airlines have established maximum measurements and weights for bags, suitcases and wheeled luggage that go with passengers in the plane cabin:

  • 55 centimeters tall
  • 25 centimeters deep.

To check the conformity of the luggage, it must be measured including all its parts, including the wheels, the outer pockets or the handle. These strict conditions are explained by the configuration of the luggage compartments in the aircraft cabin, which are located high up and have a limited volume: it is essential that all carry-on luggage can fit and not clutter up the aisles.

plane flying

Make a packing list

When it comes to packing, procrastinators fall short. If you are one of those who leaves everything to the last minute, this tip can be very useful. On your cell phone or on your PC, make a list of EVERYTHING you should take on your trip, do it in advance and complete it as you remember things. If it is a long trip, pack your suitcase a couple of days in advance so you have time to buy any items that are missing on the list.

Woman making a travel list

Be careful with liquids

According to the 311 rule of liquids established by the TSA, the liquids you carry must not exceed 100 ml. and must fit in a 1 liter clear plastic bag. They must be packed in a transparent plastic bag/suitcase to avoid having to dig through your bag to collect everything at the controls.

transparent suitcase


The computer, passports, makeup, medicines, a toothbrush, or any essential item that you may need after landing, take it in your hand luggage! Although small, there is a possibility that the suitcase that goes through the hold does not end up making the same trip as you and gets lost or delayed along the way.

Can I carry makeup in hand luggage? !Of course, but remember the rule of liquids. You can replace liquid cosmetics with their solid version or you can simply pack them in 100ml containers to avoid problems.


Roll up the clothes and pack them first.

The best way to avoid wrinkles and make the most of space is to use the roll method. Lay the shirts face down, fold the sleeves in and roll from the bottom up. For pants, gather the legs together and roll from the waist down. Once you have everything rolled up, put the pants and tops in the suitcase before the shoes and accessories; Finally, put other items evenly, such as hair tools.

Suitcase with rolled clothes

Comfort and fun on the plane

Depending on the length of your flight, you won’t want to forget items like headphones, books, travel pillows, or a good sleeping bag. They will be essential for you to be comfortable and entertained throughout the flight.


Compact all luggage items

Did you know that with a lot of extra space inside your suitcase, the risk of items getting wrinkled or broken is greater? If there is a lot of space left in your luggage, fill it with plastic bags or smaller suitcases and use them to bring everything you buy during the trip. If it is the case of a short trip and you only carry a carry-on suitcase, take care of the excess baggage and verify that the weight of the suitcase does not exceed the limits established in the norm.


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