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What do you need before to come to Colombia [2023]

What do you need before to come to Colombia

Are you planing to visit this beutiful country, you are most welcome to come an enjoy the diversity weather, food, people, ameties, an all the fun that a country as Colombia can offer to you.

Buf before to come I will give you some tips that you may already know and this will be jus a remind to you.

What do you need before to come to Colombia, obviusly a few vacations days, some money, a passport that has at least 6 months to be expire, this is not a must but just to be on the safe frame, check the weather of the city that you will be, if its Bogota well its kind cold old the time, but if you going to medellin its warm but ocasionally with rains during some months of the year.

Well lets pretend you have all this things on mind so lests check if you need a visa, yes … yes I know that you are coming from Europe or the States and you have a Passport that allows you to enter anywere, but to be shure lets check here.

Check what countries need visa to enter Colombia.

This list its been update 2023

Nice!!! after you veryfied if you need a VISA, well lets, continue getting ready for the dreaming vacations to Colombia.

What happend if you had to make some payment and you are short of money, let me tell you that the exchange rate from US dollars or Euros in Colombia its really good, so lets pretend you have $100 dollas, to the actual exchange rate its around 468.000 Colombian pesos (Jan 2023) and a lunch its around 15.000 Colombian pesos, a Taxi cost from the airport to the Poblado town 90.000 Colombian pesos (If you need.a very trusfull taxi driver call Henry +57 301 2858706, he charges the righ prices not an extra dollar) and a night in a 2 start hotel its around 90.000 per night, as you can see in Colombia with $100 dollars you can buy many things.

But if you need a money loan you can apply in the link bellow, this company work in United States, I’m not sure if they have another branches around the word, you can try to see if you qualify for a lower interes loan.

Apply here for Money Loan

Lower interest, easy application.

Lets keep checking what else you need for your trip to Colombia, as a goverment regulation you need to present the vaccination card with a complete vaccination schedule completed before 14 days prior to boarding or submit a negative PCR test done no more than 72 hours before boarding, or antigen test refusal made in advance no more than 48 hours before boarding.

The Colombian goverment recomends do not travel if you have symptoms associated with COVID-19, if you were in close contact with a positive case or if you have been diagnosed positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

Now let’s buy the Ticket so for this matter you may hear many tips as, “if you want a cheap ticket buy on tuesday, or buy after midnight”, I been flying for many years and what I know is that there is not only one factor that determines the price of a ticket, this days the price in some airlines allows you to bring only an small personal item and if you have a carry on baggage you need to pay more.

Some extra Tips for a cheap ticket are:

  • Try to fly in the middle of the week, weekends are expensive.
  • Google Flights its a good option to seach.
  • If you search over and over the same dates the searcher browser will know and the prices that you get will increase, for this reason try to seach on “Incognito” … not need to put sun glasses and a hat, just use google chrome engine and on the right corner there is 3 dots, click there , this wil display a menu choose from there “New Incognito Windows”.
  • Also be flexible on the dates, sometimes a monday could cost you a flight $500 and tuesday $280.
  • I use a lot and with really good results Skyscanner, this searcher gave me good deals, you may try, I’m putting the link bellow.

Cheap Tickets Skyscanner

Insert the information bellow and find the lower prices.

Have you find the flight that you were looking, I hope you did, now its time to look for the right place to stay, the most tourist towns in Medellin are el Poblado y Laureles and that’s why the prices are most expensives in this places, I have a post with where to stay in medellin.

I will give you a link bellow to find good prices in hotels, this searcher will give you many options to choose.

The Best Hotel seacher

Here you can find cheaper hotel prices

Once you have the hotel and the flight, one of the requiremtens to enter Colombia its to register in the Inmigration website, this has to filled out no more than 72 hours before the flight and this is required when entereing the country and when you leaving.

Report your health status through the Check-Mig

When enter to Colombia and leaving

I hope this post helps you in you or clear your ideas before to come to Colombia, if you have any question write in this post or to the email

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