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The murder of a grandmother shocks a neighborhood in the northeast of Cali – Cali – Colombia

With astonishment and pain, neighbors received the violent death of a women whom they recognized in that popular sector of the capital of the Cauca’s Valley.

It is the second case where a relative causes mourning between family groups inside households. Both attacks are associated with consumption of hallucinogenic substances.

On November 11, a woman was murdered by her son who was under the influence of drugs.

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In the early hours of Friday, January 20, in the Petecuy neighborhood, in Cali’s commune 6, silence prevailed, although still, especially some youths they remained in public spaces of that sector of strata 1 to 3.

Suddenly, voices, crying and complaints appeared in a house on Carrera 1C with Calle 78.

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The screams increased when it was reported that a woman identified as Clemencia Duarte Hernández, 73, was injured.

A police patrol arrived at the point around 1:30 in the morning and was in charge of verifying the woman’s homicide.

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The preliminary report indicates that the woman suffered stab wounds to the left side of her neck and face. Her death occurred in the same place, where the investigation procedures were carried out by the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI).

The weapon, apparently, used in the attack, a knife with a brown wooden handle, would have been located by the Police in the house.

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The Police report indicates that a man was arrested, who would be the victim’s grandson and who would be under the influence of some substance at the time of committing the homicide.

Hitmen murder passenger

in a fit of hitmen died the passenger of a car the same Thursday. It was around 3:00 in the afternoon when the private vehicle was advancing on the Southeast highway with transversal 29 of the Santa Mónica neighborhood, in commune 8.

On the march, according to the preliminary version, they began to shoot from a motorcycle. The driver would have accelerated before the criminal siege and the vehicle was left in the road collapse, near Comfandi.

A woman, who was traveling as a passenger, identified as Estefanía Agudelo, died in the emergency room of the Colombia clinic. The man behind the wheel was injured.

Until now, the origin or motives of the aggressors are not known.

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