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How much money can I bring to Colombia

How much money can I bring to Colombia:

The DIAN (Direccion de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales or in english National Directorate of Taxes and Customs ) pointed out that people who leave or enter the country may carry a maximum of $10,000 dollars or its equivalent in another currency, including the Colombian peso, without the need to declare it to the entity’s officials.

One of the most common questions when traveling abroad is how much money can be withdrawn and when returning, how much money can be entered. The DIAN, as the entity that regulates and supervises the country’s tax and customs movements, established that “all international travelers who enter or leave the country through any port, airport or border crossing, carrying Colombian currency or legal currency in cash for an amount greater than ten thousand dollars of the United States of America ($10,000 dollars) or its equivalent in other currencies, is obliged to fill out and present to the DIAN, Form 530 – Baggage Declaration of Cash and Representative Money Titles – Travelers, in the which must indicate the totality of the money in cash that enters or takes out of the country, discriminated by class of currency and value.»

The entity added that the money must be declared in Form 530 “Declaration of Baggage of Cash and Representative Titles in Money” there travelers must put all the money in cash that is entering or withdrawing from the country. Additionally, they will have to discriminate between currency and value.

Keep in mind that this form can be obtained at the following points:

– Airports with international operation

– Ports and border crossings where there is a customs checkpoint for airplanes, cruise ships, buses (the carrier is obliged to provide travelers.

Click HERE to download the Form 530


When you leaving Colombia, you need to request a copy of Form 530, (or download it here)to fill it out and present it before completing the emigration procedures to the competent authority.

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