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Slight Price Increase for Classes

Salsa Latina Academy have recently (Jan 2023) increased prices slightly, with an average of %7 to keep up with the current market. It’s been many years since we have had any increase of any kind. New Prices are effective immediately.

Tips to Save $$$
• Tip#1 – Cash prices are still the cheapest due to visa/paywave charges, so if you want to save 2.7%, beat the banks and pay with cash… It’s not a dirty word. • Tip#2 – Buy the beginner deals on offer, this is still one of the best values ​​in New Zealand at just over 10 dollars class when you buy before midnight of the start date, if you miss the deal the beginner card still at a good price.

• Tip#3 – Buy bigger concession cards like the gold card offer the best value for regular classes sitting at just over 12 dollars a class.

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