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Concern in Antioquia for illegal armed group ‘Los Piratas’ – Medellín – Colombia

In the midst of the expectation for the bilateral ceasefire, in Antioquia there is alarm about the presence of a new illegal armed group that has a presence in the Northeast of Antioquia, especially in Segovia and Remedios.

The group, calling itself ‘Los Piratas’, had already been alerted by the Sumapaz Corporation in an early warning that had no response.

Óscar Yesid Zapata, defender of the DD. H H. of the Sumapaz Foundation, indicated that the warning made since last year sought to protect the life and integrity of the people in the area.

However, this alert was never responded to, which meant an upsurge in violence in this subregion, which had the highest rates in 2022.

“In addition, we have information thanks to the people of the territory about this new group that is calls itself ‘Los Piratas’, which is generating all kinds of violence against the population, mainly recruiting minors, threats and possibly displacements,” said Zapata.

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We anticipate that, if nothing is done by the State, the situation could worsen in the coming days

Added the DD advocate. H H. that, So far this year, there have been more than 10 homicides in Segovia, mainly from the juvenile population, which could be linked to the presence of this structure.

This new organization has had confrontations with the ‘Gulf clan’ which could increase the violent acts in the area.

“We anticipate that, if nothing is done by the State, the situation could worsen in the coming days,” added Zapata.

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So things, ‘Los Piratas’ join the ‘Clan del Golfo’, Eln, Farc dissidents and the ‘Caparros’ as illegal armed groups who are fighting for territorial control in the subregion.


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