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Sensual Bachata – Salsa Tropical London

With so many types of bachata dance styles around, which one should you opt for? Here are four that you may like to consider:

  • Traditional bachata (Dominican style)
  • Modern Bachata
  • Bachatango
  • Sexy Bachata

How does the idea of ​​sensual bachata grab you?

Don’t let the name put you off as this is not only a sexy dance but a defined style. The most popular type of bachata danced throughout Europe today is sensual bachata. Try checking out the dance schools close to you and you are sure to find sensual bachata on the menu.

Originally from Spain, basic bachata steps are mixed with body moves, a little like Zouk which is a much more modern type of dance. If you take a look at it being danced, you will see a lot of body waves and circles, adding in dips to the strong musical beats. It’s a super dance, enjoyed by couples of all ages.

So does sensual bachata sound like the dance for you?

With so many different types of bachata to choose from, which one sounds good? If you are not sure, you can look up each style and research it. Alternatively, take the easier route and head down to your local Latin dance studio and see which of the styles they offer.

People dance these different bachata styles for a whole lot of different reasons; their type of personality, preferred music style or whether they are introverts or extroverts. If you are new to Latin dance, then the best thing to do is let the music take you, listen to your instructor and don’t think too much about what you need to do to get the moves right. Instead, move your body with your partner and the music coursing through your body. Let yourself go and sensual bachata will soon take over.

Get romantic with sensual bachata

While traditional Dominican style bachata may be the most authentic, that doesn’t mean that you need to stick with only this style. You should look for the style that suits you best and let it grow according to your individual dance character.

Like all types of bachata, sensual bachata is primarily a dance for two people in a romantic setting. If you are looking to inject a spark into your current relationship, how about trying it out and let your bodies follow the rhythm. It will definitely help to create a powerful harmony between you as a couple.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a partner, dancing bachata sensual is the perfect way of injecting some exoticism and passion into your life.

If you haven’t been down to your local dance studio, make a date to do it now. All it takes if for you to make the first step. You never know where it may take you, particularly once you perfect those bachata sensual moves.

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