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Non-Latinos can’t dance or be flavorful…I call bullshit! – Somoloco Sauce Immersion

Non-Latinos can’t dance or be flavorful…I call bullshit!

Dear Somoloco Salsa Family,

I don’t think I’ve expressed this publicly, so here it goes:

White, Indian, and Asian men and women: you know how people like to say that we lack flavor and can’t dance? That only Latinos and people of African descent can be that way? And that somehow they are inherently more joyous and affectionate? I know it well myself, I’ve been hearing it my whole life and even used to say it myself.

Well I’m here to tell you THAT IS TOTAL BULLSHIT.

(its also bullshit that we assume all people of any background are all the same, including that all Afro Latinos can dance, have flavor etc)

As HUMAN BEINGS, we ALL have the capacity to feel flavorful, to live joyously, and to be affectionate towards one another.

See because that Latin Sabor is more of a mentality and intention than it is an innate condition. IT’S A CHOICE.

And once you choose to live flavorfully, with joy and affection, you then need to consistently practice it in an immersive, supportive environment where you can let the ethos penetrate your body, taking it from abstract theory to lived embodied experience.

So what’s the practice? Well, one way is salsa dancing.

What I have found as the best way of imbuing your life with shared joy, flavor, and affection is through immersing yourself in salsa through going to Colombia, a place where salsa is ALIVE, dancing intensively, and absorbing what it truly means to live with joy, flavor, and affection through consistent, supported practice.

And hence, why I created Somoloco Salsa Immersion. Because I was one of those people that desperately wanted a way to experience more joy, flavor, and affection in my life but felt stuck in the narrative of being a white Jewish guy surrounded by a culture of people who reinforced the same bullshit stereotype in me and in themselves. And after going to Medellin Colombia in 2016 and immersing myself in salsa for 5 months of full time dancing, I awoke and actualized a part of myself that so desperately needed awakening. And now I not only live that, I AM THAT. Flavorful. Joyous. Affectionate.

So next time anyone says to you that you can’t dance, or you look at Latinos / people of African descent and wish you could feel and move the way they do — remember that YOU CAN IF YOU WANT TO.

So what are you waiting for?

-Come join us for a Somoloco Salsa Immersion and experience it for yourself
–Co-host a salsa immersion with us for your community

With flavor and love

-David 💚

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