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“’Crash of trains’ ends the Historical Pact in Huila” • La Nación

The ‘rodolfista’ pre-candidate for the Huila Governor’s Office, Álvaro Medina Villareal spoke with LA NACIÓN and ‘uncovered’ his political campaign. He assured that if the party does not recover its legal status, it will launch for signatures. He revealed that he has met and has the support of the department’s senior conservative and Cambio Radial managers, in addition, 5 movements of the Pact have made ‘eyes’ on him.


Although it was not on his own initiative, the former presidential candidate and former senator Rodolfo Hernández does have a candidate for the Governor of Huila 2024-2027 and is the Cadastral and Geodestal engineer Álvaro Medina Villarreal.

The pre-candidate was the manager of the ‘engineer Rodolfo’ campaign. From this work, the great triumph of the Anti-Corruption Rulers League in the last elections for the presidency of the Republic stands out, where it swept votes in almost all the municipalities of Huila, precisely that support was what encouraged him to participate in the race for the Governorate. In total, he aspires to reach a minimum of 200,000 votes, because “with a team of 15 people we achieved 306,000 votes in Huila for Rodolfo Hernández and we want to maintain the vast majority of that support,” he announced.

But, is his candidacy raw? Medina Villarreal is waiting for the National Electoral Council (CNE) to ratify the legal status of the party and if this does not happen then it will be launched by signatures or will form a Significant Group of Citizens. He has been finalizing details since July 2022 and will seek to conquer Neiva, where Gustavo Petro won. His ‘ace up the sleeve’ will be to take advantage of the disunity.

“There are councilors from the Liberal party who do not want to continue working on that side. They are people who do not have a criminal record. And we want to work with everyone, under a single slogan and that is that those who arrive should not even have an investigation, that their resumes are faultless, ”he stressed.

Along the same lines are conservative militants who “are tired of the traditional ‘caciques’.” But those who have sought it the most are part of the Historical Pact coalition: “it is the ones with whom we have met the most,” he assured. He specified that due to the fragmentation within the community, 5 movements have proposed unions with the League, but they have not made anything official, for now the negotiations continue. “It is that, the Pact as it is at this moment, does not take out either mayoralties or the Interior. The ‘train crash’ has finished them off in Huila,” he asserted.

“I want to group them. We as a League have not had any division. In addition, I have met with senior leaders of the Conservative Party and Radical Change, so that we can begin to see which of the political alternatives is better, that is, whoever has the greatest political force, because we are here to win.

On the other hand, he admitted that “it is difficult to talk to engineer Rodolfo” and they have not communicated directly for months. “We are getting along with the governing bodies,” he explained. But he hopes that he does come to Neiva to work shoulder to shoulder for the mayors and the Interior, in a large convention in the capital he opines.

In the same way, he referred to the work of the current governor Luis Enrique Dussán and assured that, as president, “he has not made himself felt.” But he highlighted the human quality of him.

In any case, “with or without legal representation, we are going to continue,” he pointed out.


Among their proposals are:

That the community prioritize the problems and the money to be used to correct them. Manage resources before the National Government and for international cooperation. Expand the headquarters of the Usco to more municipalities. More training for teachers. Increase places in higher education. Improve transportation and food for university students. Promote agribusiness. Improve hospital infrastructure. And strengthen the professional staff and improve training. Manage for better pathways. Have more irrigation districts and bring forward those that are in ‘we will see’.

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