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Travel safely to Paris, book a service Transfer See Colombia Travel

If you want to save time, be safe and go around smoothly in the city of lights, your best shot is to hire a Service Transfer. A door-to-door private transport service (taxi, van, cars) with local drivers that speak English and will get you anywhere anytime.

Hire Transfer services

When you arrive in Paris, you will be landing at the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport or the Paris Orly airporttwo of the biggest and most crowded airports in the world.

Going through immigration and picking up your bags can be a long and tedious process, and then having to wait for a cab at the airport may not be the best way to start your days in Paris.

For instance, hiring a Charles de Gaulle airport taxi or a Paris Orly Airport Transfer service is a must and the safest and quickest to go around the city.

Paris Orly airport
Orly Airport
Charles De Gaulle Airport

How does it work?

You must request the service through their website or by sending an email, specifying the date, time, and final destination.

You will be able to choose the size and type of car, the pick-up times, and everything concerning your luggage. For example, if you are carrying sports luggage such as bicycles or surfboards, the driver will be waiting for you at the airport.

Once you book the service the driver will wait for you at the airport at the exact time you will land and will drive you to any place in the city. The driver will monitor your flight, In case of delays, he will know the exact time of your landing.

mercedes e-class

Why rent a car with a driver in Paris?

  • Safety is the most important thing when it comes to private transportation. This is the first and main advantage of hiring a Transfer service. With a local driver who speaks English and guides you through the city is easier to know every place on your bucket list.
  • Knowing well the city, the road circuits, and the hours of traffic jams, the driver will spare any constraint of arriving late to the place you go. Indeed, he will determine the exact time to start, as well as the safest and fastest route to take to drop him off on time at the agreed destination.
  • There is no limit to people, if you are on a family trip, you can book minivans for 6,7 or 56 people
  • If you are on a business trip, you can book a VIP car for the occasion. Mercedes are the most popular choice for executives and businessmen.
  • Today, this service is accessible to everyone, so don’t hesitate to ask for it, it is one of the most popular and easiest ways to go around this big city, with heavy traffic and packed with people from all over the world

Travel time from Paris Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to the center of Paris 35min in normal conditions (35Km)

Travel time from Paris Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to the center of Paris 31min in normal conditions (21Km)

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