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The 10 Most Romantic Places in Colombia –

Valentine’s Day is approaching, one of the most special dates for lovers in the world, even more so, those lucky ones who found their better half and swore eternal love at the altar in this special month, will be eager to find the ideal place to travel on your honeymoon and live one of the most romantic experiences of your life. Fortunately, Colombia has countless places that will take anyone’s breath away, from seas of seven colors and deserts to hidden cabins in the middle of the coffee plantations. In this article, we present a selection of 10 very romantic places in Colombia to celebrate your honeymoon or Valentine’s Day

Cartagena Colombia
The Cathedral of Cartagena – and look, a couple. They look happy, don’t they?

1. The walled city of Cartagena

Yes, it’s kind of obvious… but that doesn’t mean it’s bad! The cobblestone streets, splashes of color, and luxury restaurants in Colombia’s most symbolic Caribbean city have long attracted couples from around the world hoping to recreate that ambience of ‘Love in the time of cholera‘…without the cholera.

Walking the cobbled streets by day, enjoying the churches and museums, then sit at a table in one of Cartagena’s small restaurants and enjoy a romantic dinner; perhaps finish with cocktails on the city walls before heading back to the boutique hotel of your choice…a romantic’s dream! TripAdvisor has a good list of the 10 most romantic hotels in Cartagena to help you out.

Ecohabs Tayrona Colombia
The Ecohabs – mine was the farthest to the right

2. The EcoHabs of Tayrona Park

Possibly the most romantic hotel in Colombia (although my only visit was with my parents and I slept on too small a mattress on the floor, so there wasn’t much romance for everyone involved), the Ecohabs are those small thatched-roof huts attractively situated on jungle-covered cliffs overlooking the Caribbean beaches in Tayrona National Park.

Each cabin has a beautiful view of the sea, a separate terrace area with hammocks and a spacious and luxurious room. The Ecohabs also have a semi-private beach, an excellent restaurant and a spa. I imagine your Valentine’s Day goes something like this: wake up, breakfast in bed, day at the beach, a short break for spa treatments for couples, a luxurious seafood dinner, sunset on the balcony with a couple of cocktails… Should I do this for a living… or get some money and a girlfriend…

barichara colombia
Cobbled streets in Barichara – romantic, right?

3. Barichara

Personally this would be higher (maybe first) on my list of romantic places for Valentine’s Day in Colombia. – Barichara is everything Cartagena lacks in terms of my idea of ​​romance: it’s quiet… actually, that’s all!

Much more than a day trip destination, Barichara’s softly lit cobblestone streets and white facades become virtually deserted after dark and, with a host of charming boutique hotels and various cute and romantic spots, wandering through the historic alleys of Barichara could be the perfect Valentine’s day in peace.

Cali Sauce
If I could do that, it would be very romantic!

4. Dancing salsa in Cali

A bit of a change of pace after the quiet romance of the earlier places on the list, but for some couples This could be the perfect plan to enjoy celebrating love at the tip of Salsa and flavor in the branch of heaven – find a good hotel in this dynamic city, put on fancy clothes and dance shoes, and go out at night to a classic old-school salsa club to dance the night away in the city where the love of salsa trumps all else.

Places like Bar Latino, La Matraca, or El Rincón de la Salsa keep that old spirit alive, and represent a truly romantic place for music lovers: drink some cold beers, have a few shots of rum and dance until they can’t anymore! The Guardian has a great list of salsa clubs in Cali here.

mompos colombia
Walking into the sunrise… Well, I was alone, but it could have been very romantic!

5. Mompos

I know, my version of romance so far is largely a pretty lazy and easygoing one… but, hey, most people don’t consider bungee jumping a truly romantic activity, so sue me! Anyway, Mompós is the perfect place to celebrate love on the banks of the river: stay in La Casa Amarilla, with its charming courtyard and romantic rooms, and spend the evening enjoying some jazz and a few cold beers in one of the city’s pretty riverside squares. It may be an unusual Valentine’s Day in Colombia that (if all goes well) they will tell their grandchildren…

Beach Isla Mucura
A good place for a romantic cocktail on the beach…

6. Isla Mucura

We’re back to the beaches, but this time it’s on an island in the Caribbean! Isla Múcura is part of the San Bernardo Archipelago and is dominated by the luxurious Punta Faro hotel, a five-star hotel with a private beach, delicious restaurant menu based on fish and shellfish, and a spa in a thatched-roof hut and open on one side overlooking the sea.

They can lounge on the beach during the day sipping pina coladas under umbrellas over the Caribbean Sea (pictured above) and, at night, take a boat to the nearby island of Tintipan for a super romantic Valentine’s Day surprise: swimming with bioluminescent plankton, that glows and lights up as they move through the dark water… my tip: draw your partner a heart with lively, light up plankton – that will score you instant points for originality!

providence beach
A Providencia beach – you can feel the romantic potential!

7. Providence

Another Caribbean island, Providencia has a more relaxed and traditional Caribbean vibe than Isla Múcura, but a bit more to do for a bigger island with a town and all.

With a lot of With charming beachside hotels overlooking crystal clear waters, and some of the best beaches and diving in Colombia, Providencia would be a great place to spend Valentine’s Day in Colombia. – spend the day driving a golf cart between postcard beaches, pausing for seafood and cocktails, taking a boat trip to the island of Crab Cay for snorkeling (and cocktails), then enjoying a candlelit dinner, followed by for some cocktails at Roland’s Reggae Bar on the beach (which might also have some cocktails at dinner)… now I’m just thinking about cocktails… But I’m sure you’ll love it!

Not sure yet? Check this out: The 8 best islands in Colombia.

Finca el ocaso Salento
Finca El Ocaso in Salento

8. A farm in the coffee axis

This is quite different to previous romantic spots, but hey, sweating in the Caribbean sun isn’t for everyone! The departments of the Quindío, Risaralda and Caldas coffee region are full of spectacular boutique hotels in the old coffee farms: the murmur of streams, green hills, old peasants in hats and woolen blankets next to a warm campfire, plus many other clichés, but you know what I mean.

I especially recommend Finca El Ocaso in Salento or Hacienda Venecia near Manizales in Caldas – both are working coffee farms and the accommodation is in an old traditional house, with a balcony for a movie. Take a walk through the gardens, watch the hummingbirds on the verandah with a cuppa on the porch with a steaming fresh cup of coffee, enjoy a trout dinner and then snuggle up under a big blanket on an old-fashioned four-poster bed…romantic, huh? certain?

Night falls over the Tatacoa Desert
Dusk in the Tatacoa Desert

9. Tatacoa Desert

Well the desert seems like it’s not a very romantic place, but they’re wrong, ready? Just kidding, but seriously, the Tatacoa Desert could probably be one of the most romantic places on this list for one key reason… The stars!

Quote your plan to look at the stars and more!

The stars have been a staple of romance since Hollywood was invented: there’s nothing more perfect for a cinematic romantic signifier than two lovers looking up at the stars together – Tatacoa is the best place to stargaze in Colombia, it even has a observatory, so logically it is perfect for a romantic getaway.

Spend the day by the pool (I promise I won’t recommend cocktails), then hike through the desert (bring a flashlight just in case) and gaze at the stars. A perfect honeymoon under the firmament!

Villa de Leyva
Villa de Leyva

10. Villa de Leyva

Like Barichara, further up the list, this charming little town in Boyacá seems to be crafted to celebrate love: quiet cobbled streets, boutique hotels, small candlelit restaurants in the squares: go, go, go! Not only that, but Villa de Leyva also has an award-winning vineyard and winery: the stuff romance is made of (if Paul Giamatti has taught me anything, and believe me, he has!) Walk the cobbled streets by day, do the wine tour, taste (and drink of course) lots of wine, then enjoy a romantic dinner in the main square…

So there it is: Valentine’s Day in Colombia. And these 10 incredibly romantic places to celebrate your honeymoon or February 14! However, any time of the year is perfect for enjoying a romantic getaway in Colombia… it doesn’t even have to be romantic in a couple sense: just go and enjoy it anyway! But it’s nicer with someone you love…

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Written by: Anna

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