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“Peace should not be above the Constitution” • La Nación

Prosecutor Margarita Cabello supported the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office not to suspend arrest warrants for the leaders of the Clan del Golfo and the criminal organization ‘Los Pachenca’. “Peace should not be above the Constitution,” he said

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Last week, the Prosecutor’s Office denied the Petro Government’s request to suspend the arrest warrants against members of the Clan del Golfo and ‘Los Pachenca’.

In the last few hours, attorney Margarita Cabello supported the Prosecutor’s Office and pointed out that decrees issued by the Government that order a bilateral ceasefire at no time allude to the suspension of arrest warrants against members of these two criminal gangs.

“Because the arrest warrants are in force, members of the public force have an inescapable duty to make them effective, this is a matter of separation of powers within a democracy like ours, subject to the rule of the Constitution and the law. Peace should not be above the Constitution.” Margarita Cabello said.

It must be remembered that among the 16 requests for arrest warrants that the Government had requested, there are people who are being prosecuted for crimes such as the murder of social leaders or drug trafficking. Likewise, there are three who are already detained.

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