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Blow to criminal groups: seize illegal mining machinery – Cali – Colombia

In a joint operation between the Police and the Army, they managed to seize machinery with which they were allegedly carrying out illegal mining work aimed at strengthening the criminal economies of the GAO-r Jaime Martínez.

The intervention was carried out in Zaragoza, corregimiento of Buenaventura. There were no captures and the uniformed They proceeded to disable the machinery.

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The police report indicates that more than 2,000 square meters were suffering delicate environmental damage due to this type of illegal extraction of mining deposits such as gold.

According to Colonel Ever Yovanny Gómez Reyes, commander of the Valle Police department, the operation was carried out after two months of intelligence and criminal investigation work, between the Mobile Squad of Carabineros and Rural Security (Emcar) in coordination with the National Army and the CVC.

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“It was possible to reduce the environmental impact such as fauna, flora and soil, especially to water tributaries such as the Danube River, due to the dumping of cyanide and mercury, with the seizure and disablement of an excavator, eight engines, a power plant and two sorters used for this illegal activity,” said the uniformed officer.

He added that criminals, through this type of “illegal practice, destroy large areas of forest, leaving a large part of the biodiversity of this Pacific region without habitat. And, as if that were not enough, during exploitation, illegal miners use mercury and other chemicals that poison rivers, the species that live in them, and the humans whose food and livelihood depend on them.


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