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SuperSalud affirmed that the debts of the EPS amount to $23 billion • La Nación

The National Health Superintendence confirmed that the debts of the EPS throughout the country exceed 23 trillion pesos, of which 16.6 trillion pesos correspond to health entities that are still active.

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The National Health Superintendence stated that the debts of the EPS in the country amount to $23.3 trillion in recent years, of which $16.6 trillion correspond to active EPS in the sector, $1.7 trillion to liquidated EPS and $5 billion to the EPS in liquidation.

That entity pointed out that after a process of inspection and data analysis with special attention to the way in which the information was being processed, these serious figures were found after the liquidation of 102 EPS between 2003 and 2015.

“To the exercise of citizen oversight carried out by some representatives of the sector, the permanent analysis that is carried out in advance of the sources of information available in the National Health Superintendence was added, where inconsistencies were identified,” pointed out SuperHealth.

The entity added that “For this reason, the control entity immediately ordered an audit that involved a data verification process in order to provide reliable and certified figures, as well as the review of the amounts that were presented.”

SuperSalud pointed out that after starting this new process of reviewing the accounts, invoices and others, new irregularities in the collection of information were evidenced.

“Indeed, several inconsistencies were found not noticed within the entity by the technical teams in charge, for which the corresponding actions were adopted and the necessary corrective measures were ordered, especially in the protocols for receiving and reporting information,” highlighted the entity.

The SuperSalud indicated that after finding these irregularities, the transfers were made to the Office of Internal Control and the competent disciplinary authorities, so that they carry out the investigations that may arise and avoid a greater impact on the health system.

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