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Medellín: testimony of the rescue attempt of the couple in the depressed – Medellín – Colombia

Some tires on Carrera 63D, just before entering Los Músicos Depressed, recalls Alexander Lema, a resident of orange neighborhoodwas what he put with the help of other people to prevent the cars from getting into and getting trapped in the puddle of water that had taken over the place.

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This man, who has been seeing in the sector for 35 years, says that before Luis Gonzalo Estrada Suárez, 51, and Alexandra Salazar Diosa, 42, entered the Audi where they drowned last Saturday, he was informing the driver of a rumbera goat that should not happen.

When I was in the chiva rumbera, about three cars passed by and the white van was among them. and a lady’s car. When I heard the lady yell help, help! I went to the point and indeed the truck entered the water and began the dive”, says Lemma.

The first thing to sink was the front, while the rear rose. There was a moment when Estrada Suárez, who was driving, tried to reverse, but the rear tires were already raised and the traction did not respond.

Seeing this, Lema He went home on a motorcycle to bring a rope, an inflatable, a hammer and an axe.

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He remembers that when he returned, the car had been completely submerged and another man, with whom he had been there from the beginning, had climbed on the hood. He passed the hammer with which he began to hit the windows, but they were impossible to break because “the security film was pretty strong.”

While everything was happening, the lady who had entered behind the couple and who was there until the bodies were rescued, He did not stop screaming, so Lema asked him to please call the 123 emergency line, while he turned his car in case it was time to pull.

Seconds passed and the man on the hood took the left hand that Estrada Suárez had reached out of the driver’s window and pointed out to Lema that he no longer gave signs of life.

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“I think if the gentleman hadn’t opened the glass, I’m sure, we might have had more time for a rescue.”adds Lema, who on more than one occasion has participated in rescuing people who have been trapped in their vehicles due to flooding.

The vehicle was trapped in the depressed Conquistadores.

Faced with this situation, in the last few hours the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Aburrá Valley was informed that a study was being carried out to locate alarms and a talanqueras in the underground ones.

“The mayor asked me to find through the Siata project how to eliminate this possibility of flood risk in the underground and thus avoid a situation and that lives do not continue to be lost as happened on Saturday. Today (Monday) I will have a meeting with the team Siata to design an instrument that allows for an alarm and at the same time to lower a fence that prevents the access of vehicles to those buried when they are flooded”, explained the director of the Metropolitan Area, Juan David Palacio.

In the case of Medellín, the depressed in sectors such as the Terminal del Norte, Bulerías, San Juan and Los Músicos They are the places that are most affected when heavy rainfall is recorded.


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